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Update for Referrers – Restarting referrals into the Neurodevelopmental Conditions Pathway (Community Paediatrics)
18 May 2020

As we begin to emerge from the first COVID-19 peak, arrangements have been made to switch referrals back on for the NDC Pathway.

Subject to meeting the relevant criteria, referrals will now be accepted by the Referral Support Service, however please note that Paediatricians cannot see children face to face to undertake assessments, and referrals will therefore be added to the waiting list. 

The Community Paediatric Team are a diagnostic service only and will accept referrals for all neurodevelopmental conditions including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), tic disorders and delayed global development.  Please note that this service does not provide interventions or behaviour support and the team have been instructed to reject any referrals for such requests. 

The Referral Process

• All referrals must be directed through the Referral Support Services (RSS).
• Referrers and the parents will be sent a letter confirming whether or not their referral was accepted.  If it was not accepted, the letter will explain what further action is required.
• Please be advised that waiting times will be longer than usual.

Please review the following documents for information about the referral process:

Comms - Referrals to Community Paediatrics (ID 879304)

Letter to Referrer - NDC pathway - FINAL (ID 864107)

NDC pathway referral form - (ID 912476)

For any queries please contact 

Name: Children’s Services Team BSW CCG
Tel No: 01793 683700