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Swindon Challenge

The Vision for Education in Swindon:

For every child, irrespective of background, to fulfil their potential through the best education possible 

Swindon Challenge Board is a partnership arrangement which takes collective responsibility for driving improvement for pupils in Swindon schools and colleges.

It is committed to ensuring all children and young people in Swindon have the chance to achieve their full potential.  It is ambitious of every child and young person and seeks to provide the appropriate support and challenge within a school-led system of school improvement.

Under an independent chair, the Swindon Challenge Board meets four times a year.

• Autumn Term 1: Analyse progress of individual schools and agree commissioning priorities for support including use of challenge funding. Initial data review.

• Spring Term 3: Review proposed support plans and progress made by targeted schools.  Review updated data.

• Spring Term 4: Consider and agree priorities for Secondary schools in light of further data analysis.  Review progress of target schools and determine new action needed.

• Summer Term 6:  Early analysis of Primary results and confirm priorities for support the following year. 

General Documents: 

Swindon Challenge Board Terms of Reference March 2017



Improving Outcomes for Vulnerable Children:

Understanding Working Memory - A Classroom Guide 


Improving outcomes for vulnerable pupils Conference with Rosendale Research School: October 2017

Swindon Presentation

SENSE Slides Swindon

Swindon Challenge Conference 2017 

Swindon Challenge 2017

Swindon Challenge Conference Report 2017


Invitation for Primary Schools re EEF research re metacognition

Recent work by Marc Rowland in Swindon , as part of Swindon Challenge, showed that metacognition is a factor that is critical to improving outcomes for vulnerable children.

Rosendale Research School invites primary schools to join their ReflectED Metacognition Trial 2018

ReflectED is an approach to learning developed by Rosendale Primary School that teaches and develops children’s metacognition skills. It can support and improve attainment for all pupils by enhancing pupils’ ability to think about their learning; assess their progress; set and monitor goals; identify strengths and challenges in their learning; and develop a learning dialogue between pupil and teacher. 

To find out more please review the following document: ReflectED Metacognition Trial 2018

For further details, please contact Peter Nathan, Head of Education at