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Blended Learning

New Blended Learning Resources for Schools

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have adapted our offering for schools to ensure that children are given the opportunity to engage with culture and heritage.



We are delighted to be offering new virtual learning sessions, object loan boxes and in school museum sessions.

Virtual learning sessions start from £20.00 depending on the duration.

STEAM’s discovery boxes cost £35.00 to borrow for a two-week period (schools more than 10 miles from STEAM will be charged an extra £10 to cover transport costs). Schools will also be offered a live virtual question and answer session where pupils will be able to learn about more about the stories behind the objects for an additional £20.00.

The STEAM Learning Team are now taking bookings for schools wanting to arrange an in-person visit to the Museum.

To discuss how STEAM can enhance learning in your classroom, and to book a schools session or discovery box please email:


Downloable Documents

Further information on STEAM's Discovery Boxes

WW2 Question and Answer Virtual Session Teacher's notes

Railway Revolution Virtual Session Teacher's notes