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Lydiard Walnut Fountain Pen

Lydiard 'Statesman' Walnut Fountain Pen

Handcrafted Limited Edition

Classic £200Statesman in box


Petite £175


For the discerning collector, the Statesman is a limited edition, high quality fountain pen using wood from the unique 300 year old walnut tree.


Manufactured with the very highest quality components, the Statesman is rhodium plated with gold plated engraved insets on the cap and barrel ends and is fitted with a two-tone, medium width, iridium-tipped German nib. The pen uses standard ink cartridges but is also supplied with a piston adaptor for use with bottled ink.

In the tradition of fine desk pens, the Statesman pen is not designed for use with the cap attached to the pen. This ensures the perfect balance of the pen when in use.

Once turned and sanded, the wood has 20 coats of clear acrylic applied and polished back to a ‘dipped in glass’ finish. The acrylic finish not only enhances the beauty of the wood but also protects it.

The Lydiard Statesman Walnut Pen is presented in a high quality case and comes with a certificate of authentication.


The Statesman is large desk pen, it is also available in a smaller version, ideal for a lady or those with smaller hands. 


Please call Lydiard House to check availability on 01793 465270