Wellington Street improvement scheme

A major construction project to transform Wellington Street started on 7 January 2019.

We expect the project to take around four months. When it’s finished, cyclists, pedestrians and motorists will have a much safer and more pleasurable experience as they move between the railway station and town centre.

Here are some of the improvements we’re making:

  • New, separate paths for cyclists and pedestrians
  • A new, raised road with contrasting surfacing and sharper road markings
  • A safer junction where Wellington Street meets Milford Street and Manchester Road, with ramps to slow down vehicles and bikes, and tactile paving around the kerb line
  • New zebra crossing over Wellington Street and new toucan crossing over Milford Street
  • A smarter, more pleasurable feel, with less clutter of street furniture

You can see a detailed plan of what Wellington Street will look like.

Why we are doing this work

We have a clear vision for how we see Swindon developing in the future. We have four priorities and 26 pledges that demonstrate our commitment to delivering this vision. One of the priorities is to:

Improve infrastructure and housing to support a growing, low-carbon economy

Within this priority we have a pledge to:

Enhance Wellington Street as a prime thoroughfare for the town

How we decided what to do

Since summer 2017 the project team has been working with different groups to understand their opinions about Wellington Street and how they would like it to change. These groups include bus companies, taxi operators, mobility groups and residents.

They have also collected survey data to understand how Wellington Street is used by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

They presented ideas for improving the street, and its junction with Manchester Road and Milford Street, at a stakeholder engagement event in September 2017. These included ideas for street layout, street furniture such as lighting, signing and signalling, and options for planting and paving.

The main conclusions were:

  • People wanted crossing facilities with some level of control to protect and guide pedestrians effectively
  • The appearance of the street needed to improve as a recognised gateway from the train station to the town

The project team presented their proposal at an information event at the Great Western Hotel on 7 December 2018. The feedback from the event was analysed and the proposal was amended as necessary.

Construction started on 7 January 2019 and is scheduled to finish on 1 May 2019.

Questions and answers

Will the road be closed to all traffic during construction?

Residents will still be able to drive on Wellington Street to access their properties. It will be closed to all other traffic during construction. We will work with the contractors to minimise the length of closures, and to provide advance warning of when these will be.

Will cars and taxis be able to park on Wellington Street after the work finishes?

No, there will be no parking or waiting areas for cars or taxis on Wellington Street.

Will the car club parking space remain on Wellington Street?

Yes. The car club vehicle is well used, indicating that it is currently located in the correct place for customers. During construction the car will be parked in the permit holders’ area of the train station car park.

Will residents still have access to properties on Wellington Street after the work finishes?

Yes, access to all properties on Wellington Street will remain exactly as they are.

Why are you changing the junction at Milford Street and Manchester Road?

The current junction layout is inefficient, with few pedestrians needing to wait for the green man when crossing. There are currently multiple crossings instead of one crossing, which does not accommodate cyclists in a safe and controlled way. The new layout has evolved following extensive engagement with various groups.

Who is paying for the changes?

The £851,000 cost of the improvements is being funded by a grant received by the council from the National Productivity Investment Fund. This is being supplemented by S106 developer contributions that have been received from various town centre developments and Local Transport Plan funding.

Why are you not changing the taxi rank and bus stop outside the train station or the station forecourt?

This area is owned by Network Rail, and an improvement scheme was completed a few years ago. Our project seeks to complement this previous work.

Wellington Street is currently one way. Why not close it to all, or some traffic?

Although Wellington Street is one way, it is a crucial thoroughfare for traffic. Access for residential properties is still required, as well as access to Manchester Road bus station and Milford Street leading onto Fleming Way.

For further information, contact the Wellington Street team at wellingtonstreet@swindon.gov.uk.

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