Vision and priorities

Vision for Swindon

By 2030, Swindon will have all of the positive characteristics of a British city with one of the UK’s most successful economies; a low-carbon environment with compelling cultural, retail and leisure opportunities and excellent infrastructure. It will be a model of well managed housing growth which supports and improves new and existing communities.

Swindon will be physically transformed with existing heritage and landmarks complemented by new ones that people who live, work and visit here will recognise and admire. It will remain, at heart, a place of fairness and opportunity where people can aspire to and achieve prosperity, supported by strong civic and community leadership.

Priority one

Improve infrastructure and housing to support a growing, low-carbon economy

Couple watching tv
  1. Deliver the Government standard Superfast Broadband coverage to all commercial and domestic premises in the Borough by 2017.
solar farm
  1. Construct solar arrays on Council-owned land at Common Farm, Chapel Farm and a solar noise barrier along roads including the M4 at Wichelstowe.
Artisit impression of the town centre
  1. Demolish the obsolete Carlton Street and Wyvern car parks and use the space for regeneration.
car wing mirror
  1. Make the case to Government to invest in a Thamesdown Drive extension and surrounding road improvements.
New building in the town centre
  1. Replace the current Health Centre in the town centre with a new and improved facility.
Railway station clock
  1. Establish effective and appealing pedestrian links from the Town Centre to North Star and enhance Wellington Street as a prime thoroughfare for the town.
Affordable homes
  1. Build new affordable homes including 200 new council homes and 66 units through the Affordable Housing Development programme at sites including the Hawthorns, the Royal British Legion site in Penhill, Townsend House in Old Town and the Former Refuge in Park South.
Sussex Place
  1. Complete the redevelopment of Sussex Square.
Eco homes
  1. Develop Council-owned brownfield sites at Oakfield, and other sites as they become available, for housing.
Regents Circus
  1. As part of the town’s regeneration:
    Re-develop the former Aspen House site / Granville Street area, to extend on the successful Regent Circus development.
    Make Havelock Square an attractive, safe open space to complement local shops
New bus station
  1. Replace the current bus station with a new and modern facility.
Kimmerfields development
  1. Improve the town centre road network to pave the way for the Kimmerfields development.
Swindon montage
  1. Improve highway linkages to the Eastern Villages, particularly around the White Hart roundabout.
Barratt homes
  1. With Barratt Homes we will build up to 3,500 homes in Wichelstowe including the development of a district centre.

Priority two

Offer education opportunities that lead to the right skills and right jobs in the right places.

Young school-aged children
  1. In addition to the two new Free secondary schools, build one secondary and 12 primary schools to meet the needs of our increasing population.
Swindon montage
  1. Improve the reputation and image of Swindon to attract inward investment.
Young adults in a school library
  1. Improve educational attainment, in particular at ages 16-19 so we are above the average in England within five years.
young professional woman
  1. Increase the number of businesses employing young people as an apprentice from 15% to 20% (an additional 280).
  1. Secure a range of options to access Higher Education in Swindon.

Priority three

Ensure clean and safe streets and improve our public spaces and local culture.

Scouts volunteering
  1. Find new ways to engage communities and neighbourhoods to increase the cleanliness of their local areas.
  1. Secure a new Museum and Art Gallery that can showcase the high quality art and exhibits that we possess.
North Star college
  1. Support the development of the new regional leisure destination at North Star.
Swindon montage
  1. Secure a sustainable future for the Mechanics Institute.
    Support the redevelopment of the Corn Exchange.

Priority four

Help people to help themselves while always protecting our most vulnerable children and adults.

man using laptop
  1. Provide early support for people in debt so that we significantly reduce the need to use bailiffs to recover Council Tax and other debts.
  1. Deliver a borough-wide approach to increase the impact of volunteering, enabling more people to be active citizens in their communities.
old couple
  1. Work with the Clinical Commissioning Group and GP surgeries to help people with long term health and social care needs to manage their health effectively with support from community groups and multi-disciplinary teams
woman and man in a wheelchair
  1. Ensure that more people and their carers are supported to live as independently as possible and reduce the length of time people need to spend in residential care.
young girl
  1. Increase the number of foster carers in Swindon so that every ‘child looked after’ who should be, is placed in their home borough.
young apprentice mechanic
  1. Work with all of the 1270 families in Swindon who are in most need of support by 2020 in phase 2 of the Troubled Families Programme.
woman and man in a wheelchair
  1. Reduce smoking prevalence to less than the England average.