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Anti-Social Behaviour & PSPOs

Lydiard Park PSPO

Swindon Borough Council is considering introducing a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) at Lydiard Park.

Lydiard Park is a 260-acre country park at Lydiard Tregoze west of central Swindon (OS Grid Ref SU 10158 84631). It is a designated Country Park and Registered Historic Park and Garden.
The proposed order is in two parts:

The first requiring dogs to be kept on leads in the busiest areas of the Park. This includes outside the house, the main lawn, the barbecue area, and the sports and events field. This part would only apply between 1st April to the 30th September inclusive and between the times of 10:00 to 18:00.

Outside of these times and in the majority of the Park, dogs can continue to be allowed off lead. The affected area makes up just 26% of the Park.

The second part would exclude dogs from the small, fully enclosed Walled Garden and rick yard area at all times. The area makes up less than 2% of the Park and historically dogs have never been allowed into the enclosed area. This is due to the heritage plant collection which is considered an extension of the house.

The order will NOT apply to registered assistance dogs.

Public Spaces Protection Orders were introduced as part of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. If a PSPO is breached the perpetrator may receive a £100 on the spot fine or fines of up to £1,000 if the case goes to court.

A PSPO is designed to ensure that people can enjoy public spaces without the threat of anti-social behaviour.

We have received multiple complaints of out of control or nuisance dogs at peak times in the most popular areas of the Park over the last several years. These proposed measures are designed to make sure boisterous and excitable dogs don’t spoil the enjoyment of the park for families and other groups enjoying barbeques, picnics, or playing sports. Similar restrictions are often applied to beaches for the same reasons.

The areas covered by the on lead order are those that are exceptionally busy in the summer months. There are large areas of ground immediately adjacent to these where dogs can run off lead.

The Park is also a National Heritage Site and is actively managed at these times with specific events being held in these areas (theatre performances etc).

We do not think it is appropriate for the entire park to be included in the order - It is important for most dogs’ physical and mental well-being to have off lead exercise. Many dogs require vigorous exercise that would not be possible on lead and this could therefore compromise their health and behaviour. They will also continue to welcomed in the majority of the park albeit on lead in peak areas and times to ensure they included in their owner’s activities.

Owners/handlers must still keep control of their dogs whether on or off lead. Any complaints of dogs acting dangerously out of control should be passed as soon as possible to the police (101) and/or Swindon Borough Council (01793 445500).

The full text of the order including maps is available to download here​

The Council wants to hear your views and comments on this matter; the link to the online survey is available below:

Please submit your completed survey no later than 5.00pm on Tuesday 5th July 2016.

If you are unable to complete an online survey please contact us to request a paper copy as per the details below:

Lydiard PSPO c/o Licensing
5th Floor Wat Tyler House, 
Beckhampton Street, 

You may also call on 01793 466212 and we will endeavour to respond to you in three working days.

Queries can be emailed to  

More information on the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 and PSPOs can be found on the following page:​ ​