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Welcome to STEAM Education


New Blended Learning Resources for Schools

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have adapted our offering for schools to ensure that children are given the opportunity to engage with culture and heritage.

We are delighted to be offering new virtual learning sessions, object loan boxes and in school museum sessions. Visit our Blended Learning page to find out more.

The STEAM Learning Team are now taking bookings for schools wanting to arrange an in-person visit to the Museum.

To discuss how STEAM can enhance learning in your classroom, and to book a schools session or discovery box please email:



We'll Meet Again - A Unique Wartime Day for Schools

Twice a year (in early October and early March), STEAM runs its immersive wartime festival for schools, We’ll Meet Again. Sadly, we are not running We'll Meet Again this spring. However, we look forward to welcoming school groups back to STEAM in the future.


What is on offer at STEAM?

We look forward to welcoming your class to STEAM!

Choose from our range of hour long Discovery Sessions or join us for a self-guided visit.
The Discovery Sessions on offer for school groups, which include the Victorian era and World War Two, can be found on the Key Stage pages.

Discovery Sessions run every day of school term time. The exception is for two weeks in October and two weeks in March, when we offer only our World War Two event for schools, We’ll Meet Again.
Alternatively, schools and Further Education groups are welcome to explore the Museum on a self-guided visit. Please note that there may be date restrictions for self-guided visits because of the volume of Discovery Sessions that happen amongst the Museum displays.
STEAM Education has been awarded the Campaign for Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.

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What happens during a Discovery Session?

At STEAM, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional learning experiences through Discovery Sessions. They take place in fabulous recreations of historical environments within the Museum or in authentic settings in the galleries, where children can contextualise their learning.

All of our Discovery Sessions promote engagement with history and cross curricular learning through the handling of historical artefacts and ephemera, and storytelling, using characters, costume, drama and role-play.
Most of all, we want the children to enjoy themselves and use their imaginations to explore possibilities and be inspired to learn more.

Each Discovery Session has a clear learning outcome and links to the National Curriculum.  They are all delivered by qualified teachers with DBS clearance, experienced at all Key Stages and in Special Needs.

It is possible to book more than one Discovery Session for your class/es on the same day for a discounted price.


Self-guided visits

STEAM features fantastic historic and interactive displays exploring the history of Swindon and the Great Western Railway.

It is ideal for visits linked to the history of transport, the impact of the railways, industrialisation, local history, engineering and figures of historical significance, including Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

School bookings for self-guided visits are available for any Key Stage.


Where can I find additional learning resources?

Additional learning resources are available to support your visit to STEAM on the Planning Your School Visit page. These can be used before, during and after your visit.


Meet the Team

We have an excellent team of Education Officers who lead fantastic school sessions, amazing family activities, brilliant tours and represent us out and about in Swindon and Wiltshire.

Find out more about them, and us, in our Steam Education Team blog here.


Making a Booking

Take a look at our Planning Your School Visit page to find out more about booking your visit or to download learning resources to use before, during or after your visit.

To make a booking call 01793 466640 or email

Alternatively, click on the following link for our: Learning Enquiry Form