Inlands Farm public inquiry

Documents relating to the public planning inquiry for Inlands Farm, The Marsh, Wanborough, Swindon, commencing 15 June 2021.

Appeal Ref: APP/U3935/W/21/3269667

  • CDN-1 – Highways England Microsimulation VISSIM Model of the A419 Corridor (March 2020) (and subsequent update awaiting publication)
  • CDN-2 – Swindon Borough Council, Parking Standards for New Development 2021
  • CDN-3 – Development Control Guidance Note: Technical Guidance on Parking Standards (2007)
  • CDN-4 – WSP Transport Assessment (2018)
  • CDN-5 – WSP Technical Note 1 – Response to Highways England and Swindon Borough Council Comments (2019)
  • CDN-6 – WSP Technical Note 3 – Shoulder Peak Trip Distribution Rev B (2020)
  • CDN-7 – WSP Technical Note 4 – Revised Transport Impact Assessment (2020)

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