Wanborough traffic calming scheme

As part of the New Eastern Villages (NEV) development, a comprehensive access strategy has been developed to ensure that the surrounding area does not suffer from the effects of additional traffic. One such measure is a new link road, the Southern Connector Road (SCR), which will provide access to the new development from Commonhead and Pack Hill. In order to ensure there is not an increase in inappropriate through traffic in Wanborough and the surrounding villages, the junctions on the SCR have been designed to prohibit movements that could be used as rat-runs. To further discourage through traffic, the council proposes to install traffic calming measures within the village itself, these proposals are detailed below.

Traffic calming proposals

The scheme aims to reduce speeds and make the route less desirable for inappropriate through traffic with the use of traditional engineering solutions and psychological traffic calming, whilst also respecting the distinct character of the village.

Changes to the High Street include:

  • the realignment of the mini roundabout to reduce approach speed
  • prominent narrowing gateway features with emphasis on the speed limit
  • increased formal parking spaces and reduced informal parking locations
  • additional formal pedestrian crossings
  • priority buildouts to slow drivers and reduce traffic flows in both directions
  • road narrowing through the High Street and the approach from Callas Hill

Changes to Pack Hill include:

  • the introduction of a loop activated LED carriageway sign. This will inform vehicles travelling in the other direction that a larger vehicle is approaching, allowing sufficient time to stop and wait.

Changes to Rotten Row include:

  • the upgrade to the existing pedestrian crossing to Hooper’s field comprise, provision of hazard marker posts either side of the carriageway on both approaches to the crossing bringing it to the attention of motorists
  • new SLOW road markings on either side of the crossing. This will warn drivers to slow down.

Changes to The Marsh and Burycroft include:

  • the introduction of unsuitable for HGV traffic signs to inform HGV and large vehicles that the road is not suitable
  • edge of carriageway markings to clearly distinguish the carriageway edge and visually narrow the road to reduce speeds

Consultation documents

A consultation on the scheme from 6 July 2020 to 17 August 2020 provided the following:

Future improvements

It has been identified that the Redlands and Lotmead development will have an impact on Wanborough Road. As a result of this, additional traffic calming along Wanborough Road will be implemented as a condition of the Redlands and Lotmead consents.

Scheme delivery timeline

Construction of the scheme is expected to commence in Winter 2021/22. The construction duration will be confirmed once detailed design is complete and the construction contractor has been appointed.

Further information

To contact us for further details, email the New Eastern Villages team at WTC@swindon.gov.uk

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