Rail crossings

New South Marston cycle/footbridge

As part of the Great Western Railway electrification project and in partnership with Swindon Borough Council, Network Rail replaced two pedestrian level crossings near the village of South Marston with a single new footbridge. A new public footpath has also been created along the northern side of the railway to link both footpaths to the new bridge. The new bridge opened to pedestrians in early 2018.

Whilst the current setting for the bridge is rural in nature, land to the north of the railway forms part of the New Eastern Villages development (NEV), with around 2,000 new houses planned over the next decade. This bridge will form a key route for pedestrians and cyclists passing from the northern part of the NEV development to the NEV developments, south of the A420. In time, this bridge will become a particularly important link because the southern villages of the NEV will contain the bulk of community facilities, including: health, employment, retail and secondary education provision.

In line with housing build-out, we intend for Equality Act compliant ramps to be constructed.  An initial feasibility study has been undertaken for these ramps and high level design options will be consulted on in due course.

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