Southern Connector Road

Southern Connector Road consultation responses

Does the council own the land?

  • The land is currently owned by a number of private landowners. The council is in negotiation to purchase the land and hopes to secure the land by agreement. If necessary the Council will seek to use Compulsory Purchase Order powers to purchase the land.

How will the Southern Connector Road affect wildlife in the area?

  • Detailed advance ecology surveys have been undertaken, and mitigation measures have been identified in the Environmental Impact Assessment. The mitigation measures will be put in place to safeguard wildlife.

How will the Southern Connector Road affect flooding in the area?

  • Part of the scheme crosses the identified flood zone and therefore drainage is an important element of the design. Swales will be provided alongside the road and off-line attenuation areas provided where necessary. The road will be raised at points where crosses a flood zone. The Environment Agency are a key partner helping us develop flood mitigation measures, and have been consulted on the scheme design and Environmental Impact Assessment.

How will the Southern Connector Road affect archaeological remains in the area?  

  • Archaeologists have been commissioned to map known archaeological remains in the area and trenching will take place at sensitive spots in advance of works commencing. The route has been designed to avoid known areas of high archaeological interest and will be amended further if new remains are uncovered. Historical artefacts uncovered during the project will be retained and stored. 

Consultees asked whether the Wanborough Road/Southern Connector Road would be effective in preventing rat-running through Wanborough

  • To prevent rat-running the junction of the Southern Connector Road with Wanborough Road has been designed to prevent southbound traffic on the Southern Connector Road turning left towards Wanborough and to prevent traffic from Wanborough turning right on to the Southern Connector Road. The prohibition will be enforced through signage and geometric design of the junction, which will be specified during detailed design. Use of the junction will be monitored through the use of automatic traffic counters. If a problem is observed with non-compliance of the restrictions then additional enforcement measures will be considered.

Consultees asked whether a bypass from the A420 to Commonhead could be built

  • The Southern Connector Road will alleviate congestion on the A420 by carrying approximately one-third of NEV traffic, however as the northern part of the road will pass through the residential area of the NEV it will not be designed to act as a shortcut for traffic travelling between the M4 and the A420. The junction improvements at White Hart Junction and Gablecross will mean that the A419 / A420 route should remain the preferred route for through traffic. Re-routing the Southern Connector Road so it connects the A420 and Commonhead via the east of the NEV would be significantly more costly and contrary to sustainable policies and is therefore not currently the preferred option.

Consultees questioned the necessity of the Southern Connector Road

  • The council have developed a comprehensive transport strategy needed to mitigate additional traffic generated by NEV, and the Southern Connector Road was identified as a key part of this strategy. Without the Southern Connector Road, there will not be sufficient network capacity.

Consultees required further clarification regarding the proposed canal route

  • The safeguarded canal route is within the Swindon Local Plan, and the Southern Connector Road scheme has a responsibility not to compromise the future delivery of the canal.

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