Gablecross junction

Improvements are required to the Gablecross junction of the A420 to increase capacity to deal with existing and new demand. It will also provide access to the New Eastern Villages (NEV) development and improve pedestrian and cycling routes.

The estimated cost for the Gablecross junction improvement scheme is £8.4m, which is being funded from a Local Growth Fund grant and developer contributions.

What work is planned?

The work will include making the roundabout larger and adding traffic signals. Traffic modelling tests have shown that this will provide sufficient capacity to accommodate increased levels of traffic.

A signalised crossroads option was initially considered, but it was demonstrated that this would not be able to accommodate the New Eastern Villages (NEV) traffic.

You can view a detailed map of what the junction will look like in the document below:

When will the work be complete?

The work at Gablecross junction will start in early 2021 and is due to be completed in Winter 2021.

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