White Hart junction

White Hart junction consultation responses

The potential operational and safety implications of applying part-time signals has been assessed; whilst part-time signals are used at other locations within Swindon, this is not suitable for White Hart Junction due to the location of the strategic network.

High traffic flows, links with the A419 slip roads and large bridge structure mean that this type of design is unfeasible at this location.

The current layout is confusing to motorists wanting to head north on the A419 and increases journey time.

The current northbound on-slip to the A419 does not meet current design standards in terms of geometry and length. It results in vehicles, especially lorries, merging onto the A419 at low speeds which creates difficulties for traffic travelling at high speed northbound on the A419.

The existing A419 northbound on-slip is sub-standard and compromises safety and capacity on the A419 northbound carriageway. It is not possible to bring the existing on-slip up to acceptable standard. The new northbound on-slip will address these matters by providing an appropriate merge taper and a more standard layout which will be easier to navigate for drivers who are unfamiliar with this junction.

Ermin Street is not an appropriate route for HGV traffic. It is possible that some HGV movements are caused in error as a result of the existing layout, with Ermin Street being mistaken for a slip road to A419. The new layout will address this shortcoming. Enforcement of the Ermin Street HGV restrictions is a Police matter.

Swindon Borough Council recognises the importance of the footbridge which assists residents to the west of the A419 to access the retail park by foot. The footbridge will be retained, changes to the bridge will be introduced to accommodate the proposed widening of the roundabout. Proposals for the footbridge will be addressed within the detailed design of White Hart junction.

The location of the eastbound bus stop is being considered within detailed design.

House prices are not anticipated to be adversely affected by the development of White Hart junction.

Given that construction is programmed to start in October 2019, it is not possible to accommodate the suggested design changes within our scheme.

Wanborough Road is an unsuitable route to send increased traffic flows along because of its construction and width. This movement would also compromise capacity on Oxford Road.

The proposed improvements at White Hart junction will require the alteration of Ermin Street and Merlin Way in order to accommodate the revised slip roads onto the A419. The proposed layout will provide: left in to Ermin Street, left out from Ermin Street and right turn in to Ermin Street movements from Oxford Road. To access the town centre from Ermin Street, motorists will first need to drive around White Hart roundabout, which is similar to the existing situation. It would not be desirable to allow through movements between Ermin Street and Wanborough Road because this would encourage rat running along Wanborough Road and reduce the capacity of the junction.

Traffic signals have not been proposed at the Ermin Street junction with Oxford Road. Signal controlled pedestrian crossings will be provided set back from the give way line to provide for pedestrian movements.

Due to the requirement for the new northbound on-slip to the A419, it will no longer possible to maintain access to Ermin Street directly from the White Hart Roundabout. Access will be provided from Oxford Road.

The heavy traffic flows in both directions on Oxford Road would prejudice the operation of the mini-roundabout to the detriment of the minor arms of Ermin Street and Wanborough Road. To address this, a simple priority junction has been designed with right turning movements being accommodated by gaps in traffic and gaps created by the pedestrian crossing.

The existing road outside of Wemyss Lodge will be retained for access and parking will be retained along Ermin Street.

Swindon Borough Council has never proposed closing the Ermin Street Bridge. The early consultation drawings showed that the junction directly on to White Hart Roundabout would be closed and that a junction was being developed in the area of the currently closed junction near Wemyss Lodge. The only closures have been temporary closures required by Network Rail in connection with the electrification works on the railway line.

The proposal utilises land currently used for allotments. Discussions with the Allotment Association are ongoing, and the Council is currently undertaking land transfer arrangements to extend the allotments to the north when the current stretch of Ermin Street is redundant

A private gated car park area will be provided for use by allotment members. Planting will be provided to screen the new road and detail will be confirmed after detailed design stage. Consultation with allotment holders has been via Stratton St Margaret Parish Council. The allotment land is anticipated to be required from spring 2020.

Noise pollution and mitigation measures will be considered within the detailed design of White Hart junction. As part of the scheme, the council’s design engineers will undertake noise monitoring before and after the scheme is delivered. This study will form the basis of mitigation measures.

Noise surveys are underway in the area around the junction. The data from these surveys will be used during the detailed design stage to model the effect of the revised junction and any mitigation measures that are required will be implemented. Noise attenuation is proposed to screen homes in Hatherall Close from the new northbound on-slip.

A technical assessment will be undertaken during the detailed design stage. This will inform the specification and the extent of the noise protection required.

Noise attenuation and planting measures will be developed during the detailed design stage and further details should be available by early 2020.

Noise attenuation and planting measures will be worked up during the detailed design stage and further details should be available by early 2020.

The White Hart junction changes are not expected to alter traffic on Wanborough Road. If a problem arises, traffic calming solutions may be considered as a future study.

An audit of parking in the area will be carried out during the detailed design stages of the scheme.

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