COVID-19 - Restoring our housing repairs service

We still have an important part to play to protect the spread of the virus during the gradual transition out of the third national lockdown. We will continue to minimise the direct contact we have with you and your families. This will help to keep us all safe.

Making sure your home is safe and kept in good order still remains our highest priority. We have set out how you can access our different repairs services below.

Emergency and urgent repairs

If you have an emergency or require urgent repairs to your home such as water leaks, blocked toilets, electrical faults or boiler breakdown, contact us on 01793 445503 and we will arrange for these repairs to be carried out as quickly as possible. We have measures in place to keep everyone safe if we do visit your home. Details are at the bottom of this page.

Non-urgent repairs

We have now reinstated our full repairs service. You can continue to report non-urgent repairs in the normal way.

If you cannot request your repair online, you can contact us in a different way.

Essential safety checks

It is important to make sure that homes are safe and we will continue to undertake our safety checks to homes. Where tenants are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV), we will risk assess these to determine whether it is safe to postpone the checks to a later date.

Improvement works

Improvement and planned maintenance will continue which includes renewal of pitched roof coverings, new PVCu windows, external doors, bathroom modernisation works, external repairs, painting, security doors to communal areas of blocks of flats.

All work will be carried out in accordance with social distancing requirements and tenants will have the option to defer works to a later date, if needed.


If you have a defect and want us to review what is required before repairs are carried out, contact us in the normal way and we will arrange for a telephone or video call to take place to help diagnose any defects.

Tenants with COVID-19 symptoms

It is essential that we do not carry out any non-urgent repairs if any family members are showing symptoms of the virus or tested positive for COVID-19. In these cases, special precautionary measures will be put in place to carry out emergency repairs to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.

Making sure that we all stay safe and what you can do to help

Before we arrive

  • Our trade staff will call you and ask if anyone in the household has COVID-19 symptoms, including a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss or change to sense of smell or taste. We will have to delay the repair if anyone is showing symptoms.

Arriving at your home

  • Our trade staff will wear face coverings when they knock on your door
  • We will ask you if anyone in the household has COVID -19 symptoms including a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss or change to sense of smell or taste
  • We will explain the control measures that will be taken and request your co-operation in reducing close contact
  • We will ask you to leave all relevant internal doors open to minimise contact with door handles
  • We will ask for windows to be opened in rooms where repairs will be carried out, to maintain good ventilation
  • Our staff may ask if you are happy to wear a face covering for the period of the repair, though if you cannot wear a face covering we will still carry out a repair, but we must maintain 2m social distance
  • We will wear a face covering when entering your home and in any communal areas

During the visit

  • We will minimise contact with all occupants
  • Face coverings will be worn whist we complete a dynamic risk assessment inside your home
  • We will explain how we will complete the repairs
  • We will normally ask you to vacate the room where the repair is taking place and advise if we will be removing our face covering
  • We ask that you advise any new visitors to your home, that the work is taking place and to maintain a 2m distance from our staff
  • We will reduce contact with surfaces wherever possible
  • We will not consume refreshments or food in your home
  • We are not allowed to touch any of your possessions including your mobile phone
  • We will need to leave if social distancing is not adhered to

At the end of the visit

  • We will remove all waste and our belongings from the work area at the end of a shift and at the end of a job

Thank you for working with us in reducing the spread of the Coronavirus.

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