COVID-19 - Report a concern about a business

To help reduce the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, the Government has ordered that many businesses and venues must close.

The Government has published a list of the types of businesses that should close, and the exceptions:

If a business should be closed:

If you are concerned that a Swindon business has remained open unlawfully, you can use our online form to bring it to the attention of our Trading Standards team:

Report a business

If a business is open, but not following guidelines:

Businesses that are allowed to remain open (manufacturing and distribution businesses, for example) must still follow guidelines on social distancing. If you are concerned that a Swindon business is not following the social distancing guidelines, you can report the matter to our Environmental Health team:

Report a health and safety concern

Rogue trading, doorstep crime, cons and scams

Sadly there are many instances of criminals taking advantage of the coronavirus outbreak. The national Trading Standards website provides a useful summary of the frauds and scams they know about: 

Our webpage provides guidance on scams, how you should protect yourself, and what you should do if you're targeted:

If you're a victim of ongoing rogue trading, where the traders are still present, likely to return or where you feel threatened, call the police on 999.

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