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OTAGO – strength and balance

Otago is an evidence-based falls prevention programme for adults aged 65 and over. Courses are for 16 weeks and delivered in various locations. Each session involves strength exercises to help strengthen the muscles around the hips, legs and ankles.

Balance exercises are also practiced which helps increase stability around the ankles and improves confidence when walking and performing everyday activities.

The OTAGO programme is designed for people who are:

  • resident in the Borough of Swindon or registered with a GP in the Swindon Locality
  • aged 65 or over (can be flexible on age based on needs assessment)
  • identified as at risk of falls, for example, have conditions that affects mobility and balance, taking multiple medications, or have a history or fear of falling
  • able to mobilise independently or with a walking aid, for example, a walking stick
  • able to stand from a chair with minimal supervision/support
  • able to transfer safely from chair to chair
  • willing and motivated to participate in a group activity and engage in the home exercise programme

The initial consultation and first session is free, each session is £3.00 thereafter.

If you require further information, contact us via the support page.

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