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Swindon outdoor gyms

The outdoor gyms are built outside in a public park, with all-weather exercise machines modelled on standard playground equipment. The difference between an outdoor gym and an indoor gym is that it can be used at anytime and is available to all.

Using outdoor gyms means;

  • there are no costly membership fees - communities can use the outdoor gym equipment for free
  • there is no need for an instructor, equipment is safe and simple to use
  • you can exercise in the fresh air which stimulates emotional wellbeing and delivers essential oxygen and Vitamin D to the body
  • users can incorporate the outdoor gym equipment into their regular workout, for example, a park run
  • all abilities are catered for whether complete beginners or advanced users 
  • you are safe as they are easy to use and resistance is provided by the user's own body weight

Outdoor gyms are located at:

  • Cambria Bridge Road Play Park, Town Centre
  • Quarry Road Recreation Ground, Old Town
  • Tovey Road Park, Pinehurst
  • Shaw Ridge Play Park, Westlea

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