Leading an active and healthy lifestyle

Be active, be healthy navigation

This programme is designed to motivate and support an individual to move more and reap the benefits of having an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our free tailored navigation support includes (where appropriate and requested):

  • regular phone calls (up to a maximum of 12 weeks) with a member of the team to discuss goals and simple advice on being more active/healthy living
  • recommendations to appropriate online resources from trusted providers
  • free resources including cycling and walking maps, home exercise and health advice booklets
  • access to our Digital Behaviour Change Programme containing regular healthy lifestyle emails
  • making recommendations and signposting to local community activities/services

Our coaches will help identify appropriate resources and support to match to the individual’s needs, health conditions and/or goals.

Please note our Be Active, Be Healthy Navigation support does not involve the programming or prescribing of exercise, but rather signposting to trusted and appropriate resources.

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