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Akers Way went through a period of extensive reconstruction work which resulted in major modifications to the concrete road base that has now added decades to the lifespan of the road. The scheme also made significant improvements to the existing on-road and off-road parking arrangements as well as a new and improved section of cycleway.

The mile-long stretch of carriageway was upgraded in five sections.

Akers Way now has a hard wearing and longer lasting tarmac surface, as well as a much improved and structurally sound concrete base to support the road.

The work took longer than expected after a large number of additional defects were uncovered in the concrete road base during the first and final phases, which couldn’t have been foreseen by the Council’s contractor.

In total, the Council’s contractor made 200 individual repairs to the concrete road base, ranging in size from 1m2 to 580m2.  390m3 of concrete was poured into the road structure as part of the bespoke structural patching design and 3.7 kilometres of new kerbing has been laid. Over 5,000 tonnes of specialist Polymer Modified tarmac, which is designed to resist cracking, was used in the top two layers of the road.

The project took approximately 10,500 hours to complete, and was undertaken by a local contractor employing local people.

More about the project

Akers Way is a strategic part of Swindon’s road network. Over the years minor maintenance works have been carried out to maintain this route as most practicable however, we could no longer sustain this type of maintenance regime for Akers Way.  

The tiring road underwent reconstruction beyond the surface layers to give the pavement a new lease of life.

The work was undertaken by Rockstone Surfacing Ltd. Phase one of the works started in April 2017 and was scheduled to take up to 6 weeks. However, highway engineers discovered additional, deeper areas of repair where the lower concrete slabs had deteriorated beyond expectations, despite thorough ground investigations and detailed design prior to works commencing.

While undertaking the improvement work, the project focused on improving the following issues.

  • Condition of carriageway surface and structure
  • Road safety
  • Parking
  • Drainage
  • Local environment and quality of life 

How much did it cost?

The estimated cost of the highway improvements to Akers Way was £900K. 

Supporting documents

A series of documents outlining the different phases of the project, including maps and a list of helpful question and answers, can be found below:

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