Important information about blue bag collections

Due to issues at the blue bags manufacturing centre, the delivery of the next cycle of blue bags has been delayed. Blue bags are used for general waste collections at properties in the borough which do not have a wheelie bin. 

If you live in a property which uses blue bags and you have run out of blue bags please use refuse sacks (for example, black rubbish bags) until you receive your next delivery of blue bags. We expect these to be delivered by the end of November. We will update the website with further information as soon as any update is available.

Once you receive a delivery of blue bags, please resume using these as we will stop collecting any other refuse sack and we will count this as mis-presentation of waste or fly-tipping.

If you are yet to run out of blue bags, you can continue to use them. We will still be collecting them as well as other refuse sacks.

Please continue to only put a maximum of two bags out on your collection day.

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