Swindon Borough Local Plan 2026

The Local Plan examination

The Swindon Borough Local Plan 2026 was examined by an Independent Planning Inspector, Mr Mike Fox BA (Hons) DipTP MRTPI. The examination hearing sessions were open from 29th April 2014 to 22nd May 2014. Following these sessions the Inspector issued a number of Proposed Main Modifications to the Plan to ensure the Plan is both sound and legally compliant. The Inspector instructed the Council to consult on these Main Modifications, and consequently consultation on these Modifications took place between the 18th September and 30th October 2014.

The Inspector issued his Report on his examination of the Swindon Borough Local Plan 2026 on February 5th 2015. The Inspector found the Plan sound and legally compliant subject to the Council making the modifications to the Plan. The Inspector’s Report is available to read below:

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