Swindon Jobfest 2020


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Swindon apprentices

Find out more about apprenticeships through the experiences of three young people in the Swindon area.

Alex's story

Joe's story

Tahlia's story

Digital apprenticeships

Interested in a digital apprenticeship? Hear from individuals who chose a digital apprenticeship as a route to get them into a rewarding career, whilst gaining industry qualifications and professional recognition.

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Gus's experience

Gus decided after 18 months that University wasn't for him. He heard about Digital Apprenticeships through a friend, carried out his own research on apprenticeship pathways and enrolled on his own apprenticeship journey. 

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Hannah’s experience

With technology at the forefront of what we do, Hannah chose an apprenticeship as a software developer. With females making up only 17% of people currently working in IT, Hannah is part of a new generation who is.bridging the gap in a male-dominated industry. Hannah shares her positive experience as an apprentice.

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Alex's journey

When Alex completed his exams, he did not know what his next step would be, he considered an apprenticeship and was put forward for a Business Analyst apprenticeship role, a job role he hadn’t heard of before and a job role which is becoming the fastest growing and highly demanded in industry. Alex shares his BA apprenticeship journey so far.

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Construction's digital future

Discover how technology is changing the construction skills landscape with this video from CITB.

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