Shrubs, flower beds and hedge maintenance

Swindon Borough Council maintains ornamental shrub beds and hedges that are situated in public areas including:

  • Park areas
  • Public gardens
  • Public open spaces
  • Verges and along the roadside

Shrub beds and hedge maintenance is generally carried out between September and March each year to avoid the bird nesting season (April-August). Generally, this programmed maintenance is sufficient to maintain the shrub beds to good standards and includes weeding, litter clearance and pruning to ensure there is no obstruction to adjacent footpaths or lines of sight along highways.

The following programme shows work scheduled to be carried out between October 2016 and end of March 2017:

The Council does not maintain boundary tree belts or natural hedgerows on a regular basis and these will not therefore be included in any works under the schedule above. Maintenance of these tree belts and natural hedgerows is the joint responsibility of the landowner whose land abuts or adjoins the tree belt or natural hedgerow. The Council will maintain these on an ad hoc basis and residents may cut back anything overhanging their boundary back to their boundary line. 

If you notice a particular problem that you think we need to address outside these scheduled times, particularly one where vision/line of sight is impaired, please report it to us.

Report a problem with a shrub bed or hedge online

Alternatively, call the StreetSmart Team on 01793 445501 (Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm).

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