Local elections May 2018: Important ID requirements for Swindon Borough voters

Frequently asked questions

Who will be required to present ID?

Anyone who is registered to vote in the Borough of Swindon and wishes to exercise their right to vote at a polling station will be required to provide ID.

What ID can I use?

Your poll card will be the best form of ID to use as the barcode will be scanned and you can be issued with your ballot paper quickly. However, if you lose your poll card or forget to bring it with you to the polling station, you'll need to present another form of ID from the list below:

  • Passport (UK, EU, Commonwealth) (can be expired or unexpired)
  • Photocard driving licence including a provisional licence (UK, Crown Dependency or EU)
  • Northern Ireland Electoral Identity Card
  • Biometric Immigration Document
  • EEA Identity Card

Please note that no other forms of ID from the ones listed above will be accepted. This includes utility bills, bank statements, council tax bills and other official written correspondence.

What is a poll card and where do I get one?

All residents eligible to vote will be sent a letter in March 2018 asking their preferred voting method. If you choose to vote at a polling station, a poll card will be sent to you which is individual to you and contains a barcode with details unique to you. When you are at the polling station, the attendant will scan the barcode on your poll card and you will then be able to proceed with casting your vote. All poll cards will be hand-delivered by 26 April 2018 to your registered address.

Do I need to bring ID and a poll card?

No, you don't. You must bring one or the other with you. Either will be sufficient.

I've lost my poll card, can I get a new one?

Yes, email elecreg@swindon.gov.uk or call 01793 445500 for assistance. You can request a replacement poll card until 5pm on election day (3 May 2018). If you request a new poll card during election week it will be available for collection only. If you do not have your poll card on the day (3 May 2018) you will be required to present another form of ID or have your identity attested.

Can I bring a photocopy of my ID instead of the original document?

No, only the original form of ID will be accepted.

Is this pilot costing the Swindon Council Tax payer?

No, the voter ID pilot is being funded by Central Government.

Does Swindon have a problem with electoral fraud?

No. Although we do not have an issue with electoral fraud in Swindon, national figures from the Electoral Commission indicate alleged electoral fraud through voter impersonation more than doubled between 2014 and 2016.

I postal vote, do I need to send ID?

No, the pilot only affects voters who vote at a polling station. If you are registered to postal vote, you do not need to send ID.

What happens if I vote by proxy? Can I still vote?

Yes, you can still vote if you vote by proxy. Your proxy (registered to vote on your behalf) will need to bring their proxy poll card or another form of accepted ID that will validate them and will then be able to vote on your behalf.

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