2019 EU elections

With the discussions on Brexit continuing, it has been confirmed that the polls for the European Parliamentary elections are likely to take place in the UK with polling day confirmed as Thursday, 23 May 2019. As a result, European Union (EU) citizens living in Swindon who wish to vote in the European elections should read the following important information:

  • If you are an EU citizen, with an entry on the Swindon electoral register, you are entitled to apply to vote here instead of your home country, but this is dependent on you having an entry on the electoral register and also making an application to cast your vote here in the UK.
  • If you intend to vote in the European Parliamentary elections in your home country rather than the UK, you should contact the electoral authorities in your home country who will advise you accordingly. Please be minded that some member states have closed their registration lists so you will need to contact them to confirm what the current situation is because voting here may be your only alternative.
  • If you decide that you want to vote here, and haven’t made an application in your home country, your application must be returned to the Electoral Registration Officer here at Swindon by Tuesday, 7 May 2019 at the very latest and failure to apply by that date would mean you cannot exercise your right to vote in Swindon.

Please note: Despite the above there is a possibility that the polls will still not take place in the UK, despite confirmation received from the UK Government formally setting the date. If this were to occur then your registration application to cast a vote here will not apply and, if possible, you will need to make alternative arrangements. Please contact your appropriate embassy for further advice on your voting options.

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