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Children with a statement of special educational needs may be eligible for free transport to and from home and school. The Special Education Needs Assessment Team will consider whether your child is eligible and, if so, will authorise Passenger Transport Services to make appropriate arrangements.

Day centres and colleges 

Free home-to-centre transport is available for people attending day centres and for some students attending college.
Individual day centre managers assess who is eligible for transport, and the Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities (CTPLD) determines eligibility for their clients, including some students attending college.

Ad-hoc, emergency and older people's transport

This is available for: 

  • Children in foster placements to and from school
  • Respite placements
  • Family contact and appointments
  • Older people for respite

All transport requirements are identified by individual social workers.

Travel escorts

The Council directly employs escorts to travel with children and, in some cases, adults. Escorts and drivers are required to have Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance to work with children and vulnerable adults, and new escorts are trained in accordance with the national standard Passenger Assistant Training Scheme (PATS).
We are often looking for people to work as escorts, particularly as relief cover for sickness absences, so to find out more about possible job opportunities, please ring 01793 466216.

Further information

Tel: 01793 466215
Fax: 01793 466458 

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