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Special Educational Needs transport policy

Students with special educational needs have the same entitlement to transport assistance as all other students. The special educational needs of the student may also be taken into account. Details can be found in Section 3 of the following document:

Education, health and care plan

Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) are assessed on their eligibility for transport by the Special Education Needs Assessment Team (SENAT). Having an Education Health and Care plan does not give automatic entitlement to transport assistance, each case will be assessed individually. The team will consider whether your child is eligible and advise on the application process.

The team will firstly assess if your child lives further away than the statutory walking distance. This is calculated using the shortest walking distance on google maps.

Distance criteria

Childs age Distance between home and school
5 to 7 years More than two miles
8 to 16 years More than three miles

Parents are responsible for their child’s journeys to and from school. However, we have a duty to make transport arrangements for all children who cannot reasonably be expected to walk to school. This may be due to their mobility problems or because of associated health and safety issues related to their special educational needs (SEN) or disability. An up to date consultant’s letter stating such, or proof of receipt of higher rate DLA, will need to be provided upon application. Applications without the evidence required will be refused.

If your child lives under the statutory distance and you feel that they are entitled to travel assistance then please speak to your named case officer who will be able to advise you on the current travel application process.  

School transport appeals

Parents have a right of appeal to the Education Transport Appeals Sub-committee of Swindon Borough Council set out in part 8 of the School Transport Policy (PDF).

This covers the following points:

  • Where a parent has been refused transport assistance they can challenge the decision for the following reasons
  • The nature of the transport arrangements offered
  • Their child’s eligibility
  • The distance measured in relation to statutory walking distances; and The safety of the route

Should your application be refused, your case officer will provide you with the forms required to make an appeal. 

Further information

If you wish to apply for free transport and believe you may be eligible, contact your allocated Senior Case Officer or the SEN Travel Advisor.




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