Conduct a personal search of local land charges register

Requesting a personal search

You can only conduct a personal search if you have requested the records to be made available to you. Please identify the property by clearly outlining the property or land to be searched on an Ordnance Survey map extract (or development plan extract). If a plan is not received, the personal search will not be carried out.

Please email your list of requests to, preferably by 10.00am, Monday to Friday.

You will receive an acknowledgement of your request and will be advised of the earliest date from which the results of your personal search request will be available.

Personal search processing times

You will be advised of the earliest date the results will be available. This is usually within ten working days.

Form of the search

The results of the personal search will be available from either 1.00pm on a Monday through to 12:59pm on Wednesday or, Wednesday at 1.00pm through to Friday at 12.59pm, as advised by email.

If you cannot attend on the day and would like to view the details at a later date, please email: 

Viewing is available in the reception area of Wat Tyler House, Beckhampton Street, Swindon. SN1 2JG.

  • The register will be retrieved and the results made available in a folder marked 'Results of Personal Search Requests'.
  • The register will be presented in a legible form, from which the personal searcher is responsible for making their notes.

Accuracy of information

The Local Land Charges Service produces the information revealed as a result of a personal search of the Local Land Charges Register.

To the best of our knowledge this information is believed to be accurate, but Swindon Borough Council cannot accept any responsibility for the interpretation (or misinterpretation) of the
register by the person requesting the search.

Ownership of the information

The information resulting from a personal search remains the property of the Council and must not be removed, photographed, scanned or reproduced by any means.


If a query arises while inspecting the Register, the personal searcher should contact Local Land Charges.

Conclusion of the search

The search is concluded on the day of viewing. The search results are destroyed and therefore any query arising after the date on which the search was carried out may be subject to another personal search.


There is no charge for a personal search request or the inspection of the Register. Please email:

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