Eldene landscape refurbishment project

We are currently tendering works for a landscape refurbishment scheme, focussing on the area immediately surrounding the Eldene community centre and pedestrian entrance to
Eldene Primary School. The aim is to provide a more attractive, greener and safer experience for local people.

Residents may remember the former district centre shopping parade building which was demolished some years ago, following which the site was capped with aggregate (the ‘beach’). This land lies opposite the main project area and we hope to include it in the works if budget permits, with the creation of an amenity meadow. This space is likely to be the future focus of other projects undertaken by the Parish Council once these works are completed.

The primary focus of the main works is centred on the area around the ‘beach’ area itself, which supports a number of community facilities like the school, the Community Centre and Crumpled Horn pub.

The scope of the core Eldene landscape refurbishment works include:

  • the refurbishment of existing planting beds, incorporating trees, flowering shrubs and bee friendly plants
  • the replacement of an area of existing hard surfaces surrounding the school gate and a new feature gate
  • filling in an existing sunken hard paved space by the school entrance gate to create a new lawn area
  • the removal of lengths of existing low brick retaining walling to create an improved public realm experience less dominated by structures 
  • the replacement of street lighting
  • the replacement of street furniture
  • the creation of a new enclosed outdoor space for the Community Centre

The draft tender drawings are available to download below:

We are hoping the work will start on site toward the end of this year, with completion planned for early Spring 2021.

For further information, e-mail eldeneproject@swindon.gov.uk.

Please note that financial information relating to the scheme is currently commercially sensitive whilst the tender process is ongoing.

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