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Marrying someone from outside the European Union

To have a civil marriage, each party to the marriage must give Notice to the Superintendent Registrar of a designated Register Office after they have completed a minimum of 7 clear days residence in the United Kingdom. Both parties must attend the Register Office together. Swindon is a designated Register Office but it is the only one in Wiltshire.

The party who comes from any country outside the European Union must satisfy certain criteria to be able to marry in the United Kingdom.

  • For those who have not yet travelled to the UK this is normally a fiancé(e) or marriage visa which will be stamped in their passport.
  • For those who have lived in the UK for many years and have “Indefinite Leave to Remain” in their passport no further authority is needed and they can attend a designated Register Office to give Notice of Marriage. Please note that Swindon is a designated Register Office but that it is the only one in Wiltshire.  

You cannot give Notice of your intention to get married more than 12 months before the intended date of the marriage and you must have decided on a venue before you attend an appointment.

Relevant documentation

The page outlining documentation required for Marriages and Civil Partnerships, will tell you what documents you will need in order to give legal notice.

Costs to give notice of marriage

It costs £35.00 each to give Notice of Marriage and this may be paid for as cash or cheque backed by a cheque guarantee card. Alternatively, we accept debit or credit cards, but please note that there will be a small administration fee for credit cards.

Once you have given Notice the information you have supplied is displayed on our public notice board for a period of either 28 days or 70 days for all couples wishing to marry, or form a civil partnership, in England and Wales by civil preliminaries.  You are able to get married on any suitable day after this time has expired and the Notice is valid for a period of 12 months. For more information, please see the Gov.Uk website.

How to make an appointment

Swindon Register Office operates an appointment system for giving Notice of Marriage. To make an appointment or for further information, please contact the Registration Service.

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