Fresh Moves project

The Fresh Moves project is based within the Central North locality area, working within Pinehurst, Penhill, Moredon and Gorsehill. It uses sport, physical activities, creative arts and education to engage with young people.

The aims are to help young people:

  • Develop the skills and confidence to reach their goals and achieve through education, employment and training opportunities. 
  • Avoid becoming drawn into crime, drugs and alcohol misuse.
  • Move forward with their lives. 

We particularly aim to help young people who are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour.

The project runs from Monday to Friday (inclusive) providing different activities in partnership with different agencies. It is a new and dynamic initiative that is funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner of Wiltshire.

This service is one of a range of integrated childcare support services that ensure all-round, comprehensive care for the child or young person.  

Who the service is for

The programme targets and supports vulnerable, and at risk, 10-19 year-olds who live in the Central North locality area. 

Who can request this service

The door is open to any young person in the Central North Locality (Pinehurst, Penhill, Moredon and Gorsehill areas). It doesn't matter who refers the young person to the project ... the young people can even refer themselves if they wish.

How to access the service 

If you would like to make a referral or, would simply like to know any more information, please contact us:

Next steps

If you contact us or make a referral, we aim to contact you within 14 days to set up an initial meeting. We will do this either by e-mail or telephone.   

Other sources of information

Further information can be found at:

The Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner website

For weekly updates you can find us on the Facebook pages for:

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