Apply for youth opportunity funding

The Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF) and Youth Capital Fund (YCF) are funds provided by Central Government, to provide opportunities and resources for young people in Swindon to ‘Go places, do things and get involved’.
Applications for these funds are considered by Swindon Borough Council though a 'Young Peoples Panel'.


The Youth Opportunity Fund could be used for activities, trips or training. The Youth Capital Fund is for different things such as items you could hold, or use or for building work.

Who can apply

  • Young people who live in Swindon 
  • Groups of young people aged 13-19 and up to aged 25 with learning difficulties and/or disabilities 
  • Groups who have an organisation’s support - which could be a local authority, voluntary, not for profit organisation or a charity 

Who can't apply

  • Groups of young people with no organisational support 
  • Organisations without a constitution, bank account or appropriate policies such as child protection 
  • Groups of young people under 13 or over 19 years (or over 25, with learning difficulties and/or disabilities) 
  • Profit making businesses 
  • Illegal activities or those without permission

Funding priorities 

Priority funding will be given to projects that involve or benefit groups of young people who face barriers to taking part. As an example, priority groups would include:

  • Young people in or leaving care 
  • Disabled, black and minority ethnicities 
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people 
  • Young offenders
  • Carers 
  • Refugees 
  • Travellers 
  • Parents 
  • Young people with mental health issues 
  • Those not in education, employment or training 
  • Young people living in poverty. 

Age range

Projects must benefit young people aged 13-19 or up to aged 25 for young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, living in Swindon.

How to apply 

You can apply for money from either or both funds, on the same application. Applications must come from young people. The funds support young peoples’ active involvement in the planning, delivery and evaluation of projects.
Applications must be in good ‘SHAPE’. This means that projects contribute to the Every Child Matters outcomes:

  • Stay Safe 
  • Be Healthy 
  • Achieve and Enjoy 
  • Make a Positive Contribution 
  • Achieve Economic Well-being

The application form is available from:

Youth Opportunities Funding Panel

Tel: 01793 466480

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