Youth engagement service

Service summary

Youth Engagement are part of the Early Help Service in the Children, Families and Community Health directorate in Swindon Borough Council. 

They offer support to young people aged 14 to 18 years with a specific piece of targeted and time limited intervention.  

The service is for young people with significant difficulty with family or peer relationships, behaviours which place the personal safety of them at risk and an inability to manage emotions which is detrimental to their development.

They also work with young people who are or are at risk of sexual or criminal exploitation, engaged in harmful sexual behaviour and exposed to risks outside the family home.

The role of the Youth Engagement Worker (YEW) was developed in Swindon in April 2011 to provide a team of highly skilled practitioners with a range of backgrounds from youth work, careers advice, and education.

YEWS have a staffing compliment of 12 Youth Engagement Workers and 3 Senior Youth Engagement Workers.

Further information

Youth Engagement has extensive experience of working successfully with those termed as ‘hard to reach’ and ‘vulnerable’ young people .The basis of their work is to develop productive, effective and professional relationships with young people to create opportunities for successful outcomes.

The work is delivered in a variety of settings such as family homes, education settings and neutral venues and the work with young people is needs led, undertaking on-going assessment using the Early Help Assessment and Outcome Plan and employing a solution focused approach to their intervention. 

There is no cost for the service as long as key criteria are met.

Contact information

Reuben George Hall
Royston Road

Tel: 01793 465030

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