Parking permits

Residents parking permit prices

The following permit prices apply to all Residents' Parking Zones:

Standard permit types available Charge from 1 April 2018
First Residents Permit per property (6 months duration)​ £25.00
First Residents Permit per property (12 months duration)  £35.00
Second Residents Permit per property (6 months duration)  £50.00
Second Residents Permit per property (12 months duration)  £75.00
Replacement of a lost permit​ ​  £11.00

Please note:

  • Annual (12 months) permits are available where the applicant owns the property or is in an assured tenancy agreement. A permit for 6 months will be issued for applicants in a short-hold tenancy.

Full terms and conditions

To view the full terms and conditions for Residents' Parking Permits, please see the Resident Business and Visitor Permits - Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Resident Permits are free of charge to Blue Badge holders. No age restriction applies to this and there is no need for the Blue Badge holder to be the owner/registered keeper of a vehicle (although this concession is intended to be used for the vehicle which is primarily used to assist the Blue Badge holder).

There is a restriction of one free resident permit per property and this forms part of the allocation allowed to that property. Any second permit applied will be charged at the annual cost of a first permit.

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