Parking permits

Apply for other types of parking permit

Visitors' parking permits

Residents are able to apply for scratch cards for use by visitors. The allowance is two books of 'all day' and two books of 'four-hour' permits per household, per year. The validity of the All Day visitor scratch cards extends to 10.00am of the day following the date indicated on the scratch card.

In addition, residents can also purchase an additional book of either ‘four-hour’ or ‘all day’ permits.

It is not necessary to provide evidence of residency at the time of application however, we reserve the right to conduct spot checks of eligibility during the life of the permits. Failure to provide evidence when requested will lead to the cancellation of permits.

Permit type Charge from 1 April 2018
Visitor scratch permits (pack of 25) £15.00 (free to residents 60 years or over)

Apply for your visitor parking permit online

You can also apply by calling into Customer Services at:

Wat Tyler House
Beckhampton Street

Tel: 01793 445506

The scratch cards will be sent to you by post so please allow a minimum of 10 working days for the scratch cards to arrive.

Contractors' parking permits

If you are having work carried out and you need a contractor, for example, a builder or electrician to use a Residents' Parking bay, you or your contractor can apply for a special temporary permit to park in a Resident Parking bay.

These can be used Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 5.30pm. Vehicles must be under 5 tonnes in line with terms and conditions for business permits. 

A letter on headed paper from the contractor confirming work is being undertaken must be provided. The date of the letter should be no more than 2 months prior to the application and should clearly show the address where the work is being carried out and the expected duration of work.

Permit type Charge from 1 April 2018
Contractors permit £15.00 per week

Operational one-hour parking permits

These are 'scratch card'-type permits intended for use by those who need to park for a short term on several occasions - rather than for long periods, for which a Contractors' Permit (see above) would be better suited.

Each permit is valid for up to one hour when parked in any designated resident parking bay.

Permit type Charge from 1 April 2018
Operational one-hour parking permit £23.00 per 20 permits

These are typically bought by operators, not by residents.

Special needs parking permits

Residents who rely on a regular visitor (e.g. a carer) can apply for a permit which will allow them to use a Residents' Parking bay.

Each permit can be used for different vehicles (e.g. in case it's not always the same carer who calls), but only for one vehicle at a time.

You must provide a letter from a doctor confirming the need. For those who are 80 years old or over evidence of date of birth, such as birth certificate or passport, can be provided instead of the note from a doctor.

Permit type Charge from 1 April 2018
Special needs parking permit  £40.00 per year

Business parking permits

A business situated within a resident zone may be eligible to apply for a permit to park in resident bays in that zone. Applications should be made on company headed paper.

Only two permits can be issued and these are not applicable in the Town Centre area or the Old Town area. These permits are for the original resident zones only. 

Permit type Charge from 1 April 2018
Zone A Crombey Street Area £625 per year
All Other Zones Business Permits £540 per year


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