The Swindon heritage action zone

HAZ branding project

The HAZ branding project seeks to create a distinctive and easily recognisable brand inspired by Swindon’s railway history. It will be used to promote the Railway Village and Swindon town centre as a destination and place of interest.

A positive brand will also help to increase civic pride and combat negative perceptions of Swindon by replacing them with a more positive, interesting and memorable story based on Swindon’s distinctive and nationally significant railway heritage. It will draw attention to the extent and range of Swindon’s heritage assets within the Railway Village and Works area and help sell regeneration projects as new attractions.

A steering group to oversee this project was set up which includes key stakeholders from the area as well as the Council, Historic England and Mechanics’ Institution Trust (MIT). 

Following a tender process, Hemingway Design and CT Consults were appointed to lead on the creation of a placebrand for the HAZ area. The first phase focussed on consulting with local people about the area using street surveys and VOX pop videos with local people and telephone interviews and focus groups with local stakeholders.

The results of this consultation can be viewed in the HAZ insight report.

Since then, Hemingway Design have been working on the creation of place brand values and brand logos for the HAZ area.

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