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The Swindon heritage action zone

Review of the railway village and railway works conservation areas

Earlier this year heritage consultants Purcell carried out a review of these conservation areas. Having completed their research and consultation, they have produced a draft planning document, Swindon Railway Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan (CAAMP). 

It recommends that:

  • the 2 separate conservation areas be merged into one which we propose to rename the ‘Swindon Railway Conservation Area’
  • the boundary of the conservation area be extended to include:
    • Station Road and the area around the station
    • the southern side of Faringdon Road between Fleet Street and Milton Road
    • the Health Hydro block
    • the Pattern Store site and adjacent car park (Designer Outlet West)

This document sets out the vision for the future of Swindon’s Railway Conservation Area and a framework to guide change. 

It will be used to:

  • raise awareness and inform people about Swindon’s railway history
  • help preserve and enhance the special architectural or historic interest of the area
  • guide new development within or affecting the area through the planning process

The  conservation area map is also available below:

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