Diversity impact assessments

Diversity Impact Assessments (DIA's) help to make sure we are meeting our plans to make Swindon a fair and equal place to live. These DIA's recognise different needs, situations and goals. They also remove the problems that can sometimes limit what people can do and can be.

There are four parts to a DIA, these are:

  • being really clear about what we are trying to do
  • finding out who is using our services or who is likely to use them
  • finding out if any groups are being left out from what we do
  • making changes to make our services fairer

All council and cabinet reports refer to a relevant DIA. This is so we can make sure that our legal duties are considered when we make decisions.

DIA's are useful in helping us make positive change. We carry them out in every service area.

View our DIA's

We are required to make the outcomes of DIA's publicly available.

If you have questions about the council’s DIA's, contact us at: equality@swindon.gov.uk

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