Our vision, priorities and pledges

Priority six: We will make Swindon safer, fairer and healthier: by helping people to help themselves while always protecting our children and adults, increasing health and wellbeing facilities and tackling crime and anti-social behaviour

Delivering services that are responsible and tailored to the needs of individual residents, in a way that is financially sustainable. Linking effectively with partners to provide the support, skills and protection for residents to live safely and with dignity. Working in partnership to make Swindon a safer place and supporting those experiencing domestic abuse. Providing accommodation for those in need and working to prevent residents getting into debt. For those children and young people that need extra care and support, making every effort to place them close to home and for adults and carers, working to allow them to live as independently as possible. Promoting healthy lifestyles for the residents of Swindon to allow them to live longer and healthier lives.

Pledge 18

We will work in partnership to reduce violence and crime to make Swindon safer.

Pledge 19

We will work in partnership with local organisations to provide support, and where required, accommodation to anyone experiencing domestic abuse. 

Pledge 20

We will deliver housing services that encourage and support rough sleepers to come off the streets and into safe accommodation.

Pledge 21

We will re-affirm our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant.

Pledge 22

We will provide early support so that Swindon residents are financially included and avoid getting into debt.

Pledge 23

Where children cannot live with their parents or wider family we will make every effort for children to be placed in their home borough.

Pledge 24

We will work with residents so that more people and their carers are supported to live as independently as possible.

Pledge 25

We will work with partners to promote healthy lifestyles for the population of Swindon to reduce obesity among children and adults.

Pledge 26

We will work with partners to promote healthy lifestyles for the population of Swindon to reduce the prevalence of smoking.

Pledge 27

We will deliver a borough-wide approach to increase the impact of volunteering, enabling more people to be active in supporting others.

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