Our vision, priorities and pledges

Priority five: Make Swindon greener and more sustainable: we will help residents reduce their environmental impact and, as a council, we will aim to achieve net zero emissions by 2030

Accepting that the climate crisis means we cannot wait for perfect solutions with no contradictions, doing our very best to adapt and work within the evolving policy landscape. Helping to bring together, share and celebrate knowledge, resources and best practice across the community to support Swindon Borough to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Setting the conditions within our own organisation so our workforce is empowered to deliver our services and functions on a net zero basis. Promoting a green travel network across the Borough and championing biodiversity to ensure that people have access to nature. Delivering greener solutions for waste and recycling and working to make Swindon a cleaner place to live in for the benefit of residents.

Pledge 14

With our partners we will continue to embrace and facilitate the move to sustainable travel, including promoting electrified transport and taking opportunities to ensure that our public transport operates in the most sustainable manner possible.

Pledge 15

We will protect and enhance Swindon’s biodiversity to promote sustainable flora and fauna across the town.

Pledge 16

We will deliver a greener waste strategy which reduces residual waste and increases recycling.

Pledge 17

We will reduce fly tipping and encourage a cleaner environment across the town.

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