Our vision, priorities and pledges

Priority four: Equip all our young people with the education and skills they need: through additional and enhanced skills and higher education opportunities

Working with education providers and businesses to ensure that all children, young people and adults have access to good quality learning regardless of their circumstances. Raising aspirations and giving residents access to lifelong learning opportunities to gain the skills, knowledge and qualifications to fulfil their ambitions.

Ensuring that education provision meets the future demands of a growing town and working with education providers to ensure quality education across a range of settings, placements and apprenticeship opportunities. Supporting all people to promote an inclusive and safe education environment with access to positive activities that unlock their talents.

Pledge 10

We will ensure that every child and young person in Swindon has a place at a good or better Early Years provider, school and/or education placement or apprenticeship provision.

Pledge 11

Together with Early Years, schools and education partners we will ensure every child and young person is able to access their learning every day.

Pledge 12

We will continue to work in partnership to provide opportunities which support our children and young people to develop life skills, while ensuring all residents have access to lifelong learning.

Pledge 13

We will work with partners to unlock the talents of children and young people and strengthen families through positive activities.

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