Our vision, priorities and pledges

Priority three: Deliver sustainable growth: through high quality affordable homes alongside infrastructure to support our growing town

Creating a borough fit for the future and able to meet the housing, transport, education, employment, leisure and health needs of a growing population. Our Local Plan will guide how we meet the community’s future needs, guiding what can be built where, shaping infrastructure investments and determining the future pattern of development in the Borough.

Our ambitious plans to develop Swindon require significant investment in infrastructure projects to ensure a sustainable future for the town as well as requiring a continued focus on the maintenance of our road network. Recognising the demand for housing, including affordable housing, and working with developers to deliver high quality housing areas with access to amenities.

Pledge 7

We will keep Swindon moving as it expands through investment in the road network. We will do this by:

  • improving Junction 15 of the M4
  • improving infrastructure to the New Eastern Villages
  • creating a southern access road into Wichelstowe underneath the M4
  • utilising Local Transport Fund grants

Pledge 8

We will continue our war on potholes to ensure that our highways are safe for all road users and do all we can to improve our roads and car parks.

Pledge 9

We will enable and deliver hundreds more quality homes including building our own via the Swindon Housing Company, including homes for residents with specialist needs by:

  • working with developers
  • direct delivery through the Council-owned Swindon Housing Company
  • the delivery of affordable homes

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