Our vision, priorities and pledges

Priority two: Offer education opportunities that lead to the right skills and right jobs in the right places

Priority 2a image of plumber with spannerProviding good education and making sure we have the right skills available are incredibly important for maintaining our vibrant economy. We currently have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the south west.

We will continue to invest in new schools and work with existing ones to make sure our young people get a high quality education. We will also work with employers to provide development opportunities to people who want to start new careers later in their lives.

Pledge 7

In addition to the two new free secondary schools, build one secondary and 13 primary schools to meet the needs of our increasing population.

Pledge 8

Improve educational attainment, in particular at ages 16-19 so we are above the average in England by 2021.

Pledge 9

Increase the number of people starting an apprenticeship in line with the targets in the Apprenticeship Strategy.

Pledge 10

Secure a range of options to access Higher Education in Swindon to drive up attainment.

Pledge 11

Work with partners to increase the level of skills of Swindon’s workforce to support all our residents, including the most vulnerable, to access employment.

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