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Improve public space and culture

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Priority 3: Ensure clean and safe streets and improve our public spaces and local culture

Swindon can provide great opportunities for jobs but it is equally important that it can provide a clean, safe and fun environment for the people who live here.

The Council will be working closely with residents to improve the town's cleanliness, both in the town centre and across all of Swindon. It will also be very important that our cultural heritage is protected and maintained for future generations.

We are currently developing a new reporting process which will allow residents to monitor our progress against our pledge over the coming years. The information will be available once the system is in place.

Pledge 12. Work with partners to promote healthy lifestyles for the population of Swindon.
Pledge 13. Find new ways to engage communities and neighbourhoods to increase the cleanliness of their local areas.
Pledge 14. Encourage Swindon residents to increase recycling and reduce their waste in line with the Council’s Waste Strategy. Swindon Borough Council to reduce the use of single use plastics with the intention to stop using such plastics by 2019/20 and encourage local businesses to do the same.
Pledge 15. Work to secure a viable and sustainable future for our key heritage assets.
Pledge 16. Deliver a programme of work to ensure that residents, visitors and businesses feel that Swindon’s town centre is a safe place to live, work, visit and do business.



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