Chief Executive

Susie Kemp, Chief Executive

Susie Kemp is the Chief Executive for Swindon Borough Council.

Susie joined Swindon Borough Council in February 2017 as Corporate Director of Resources and The Chief Executive's key responsibilities are to:

  • be the lead policy advisor to the Council and to support councillors to make decisions on behalf of the community, and to develop plans for the future of Swindon
  • take responsibility for the performance of 2699 staff (as at 1 April 2018 – this figure does not include school staff or casual workers), ensuring they deliver services in line with Council priorities and statutory requirements
  • develop partnership working with other public, private and voluntary organisations to achieve improved outcomes and better public services for local people
  • ensure the proper use of council resources to deliver value for money for the community across a wide range of services from child adoption to looking after older people
  • raise the profile of Swindon at a regional and national level so that Swindon is able to influence national thinking and to secure additional funding for Swindon priorities
  • work with councillors to ensure the ethical standards, probity and integrity of decision making in the Council are of the highest order.


The Chief Executive salary is £167,000 per annum. 

There are no additional allowances, and expenses can only be claimed for reasonable and evidenced costs incurred (such as travel and accommodation) whilst working on Council business. 

As with all staff, the Chief Executive is subject to annual appraisal. This is the responsibility of the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council and is facilitated by an independent body. 

Within the appraisal process, progress against objectives is measured and new objectives set for the forthcoming year. 


The Chief Executive receives no other company benefits. 


The post of Chief Executive carries the option to be a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) and contribute 12.5% of salary into the scheme. The Council would make an employer's contribution of 20.4%.

The current Chief Executive has chosen not to join the LGPS.

The rules governing the pension scheme are contained in regulations made by Parliament.

Working arrangements 

The post does not have contracted weekly hours, as the Chief Executive is expected to work as many hours as are needed to fulfil the requirements of the Council. 

Outside of the Monday to Friday work within office hours, the Chief Executive also attends evening meetings and works at weekends as necessary. 

The post holder is 'on call' at all other times, particularly to cover emergency planning requirements. The post does not attract additional payment for extended hours or for being ‘on call'. 

The Chief Executive is entitled to 31 days' paid leave each year, in addition to the normal bank holidays.

You can contact the Chief Executive by email at:

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