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Animal licensing is changing and new regulations are expected to be introduced in October 2018. For further information, the draft regulations can be found on the Legislation website.

How to apply

Anyone who boards cats or dogs as a business must be licensed, whether in domestic or in commercial premises, overnight or as daycare. Licences are valid for the calendar year and so must be renewed on 1 January. The application fee is the same no matter what point in the year the licence is requested.

Apply for an Animal Boarding Licence online

Alternatively, you can download, print and complete the Animal Boarding Licence Application form (PDF)

How to pay

Home boarding of dogs: £145 per year.
Additional carer for home boarding: £52 per year.
Kennels/catteries: £190 per year.

Pay for an Animal Boarding Licence online

Further information

Licences to board cats and dogs are issued under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963. For full details please see the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) website.

Licences are granted following inspection. This is carried out under the relevant Model Licence Conditions so please consider these carefully before making an application.

Model Licence Conditions are available for the following:

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