Extended access service

Extended Access uses technology that allows you to access libraries outside normal staffed opening hours. It is available at the following libraries:

All Extended Access users must agree to the terms and conditions of use and complete an induction. The induction takes about 30 minutes and covers the following:

  • entering and exiting the building
  • using library services and equipment available during Extended Access
  • health and safety and emergency procedures

At the end of the induction we will take your photograph as part of your membership upgrade to Extended Access.

Can I register?

You can register for Extended Access if:

  • you have a current full library membership and are aged 16 years or over
  • you are aged 15 years and are accompanied by a parent or carer. They can register and complete the induction with you. Your parent or carer will need to agree and sign the terms and conditions of use on your behalf and will be responsible for your behaviour.
  • you are a library user who always visits the library with a carer or chaperone. You can register to use Extended Access but will need to be accompanied by your carer or chaperone to complete the induction. They will also need to agree and sign the terms and conditions of use and always accompany you when you visit the library during unstaffed hours.

How do I register?

A member of staff at the library information desk will be able to confirm your eligibility and book you on an induction.

How do I use Extended Access?

Once you are registered and have completed an induction for Extended Access you will be able to enter the library outside normal staffed hours. To do this you will need to scan your library card and enter your personal PIN using the access panel found near the front door of the library. Once you have entered the correct details, the front door of the library will unlock and automatically open for you to enter. 

Services you can use during Extended Access

  • Borrowing, renewing and returning items
  • Paying fines and charges
  • The use of public access PC and print
  • Photocopying
  • The use of our free WiFi with your own device
  • Each library has CCTV monitoring. An emergency phone is available at the Extended Access information point so you can speak directly to the CCTV Monitoring Centre if you have an emergency.

Services that will not be available during Extended Access

  • Toilet and baby changing facilities
  • The public lift at Highworth Library
  • You will not be able to make general enquiries to staff about membership account queries or ask for help to use the public computers. If you need these services, you will need to visit the library during staffed hours.

Further information

For more details on library opening times and other available services, visit our library locations webpage.

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