COVID-19 - Self-isolation checklist

Header - Covid-19 self-isolation checklist

As soon as you test positive for coronavirus, you and your household must self isolate. This means you must not leave home for any reason.

Use this checklist to make sure you and your household are prepared.

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Isolation period

Check and understand the length of isolation period. You can find the latest information on the NHS website: How long to self-isolate

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Food and essential items

Make sure you have enough food and essentials at home. Ask friends and family outside of your household to step in to assist. 

NHS Volunteer Responders may be able to pick up your shopping and deliver it to you. You can find out how to register at the NHS Volunteer Responders website.

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Make sure you aren’t running low on your repeat prescriptions. Contact your GP or pharmacy to arrange delivery of anything you need during this time or ask someone else to collect it for you. 

Again, you may also be able to get help from NHS Volunteer Responders. You can find out how to register at the NHS Volunteer Responders website.

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Check you have access to money during this period. Can you pay your rent and bills? If not, call the relevant companies to explain and discuss.

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Contact your employer about sickness. If you need an isolation note, you can request on via the NHS website: Get an isolation note

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Make contact with your child’s school or setting to arrange for access to remote learning and free school meals to be delivered if appropriate.

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Caring for others

If you care for someone, ask family and friends to step in. Contact Swindon Carers for advice: 01793 531133.

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Pets and animals

Arrange someone to walk your dog or care for your animals during this time. Check you have enough pet food and supplies.

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Physical health

Think of ways to stay active and mobile whilst isolating at home. Change the dates of any routine medical appointments that fall within this time period.

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