Report a fumes or gases nuisance

Fumes or gases (as opposed to smoke), may be a nuisance in certain circumstances. An example of this may be from a poorly adjusted generator or boiler for instance. 

In order to be investigated as a 'statutory nuisance' however, the situation would need to be very regular or significantly affecting you in your home.

As with all nuisances, we will not be able to take on your complaint if you have not attempted to resolve the issue yourself. For example, by meeting with the person/organisation causing the fumes or gases problem, writing to them or entering into formal mediation.

What to do next

Complaints about nuisance from fumes or gases are rare, and may be acted on from a number of legal perspectives.

If you wish to complain about such a problem please use the online form below.

Report a nuisance from fumes or gases online

We have a statutory obligation to investigate complaints of nuisance and will write to you within 2 days of receiving your complaint. Please allow a further few days for the letter to be delivered however.

All incoming complaints are screened by an officer who will contact you more quickly, and in person, if appropriate.

For smoke related issues, please see the Smoke and Bonfires Nuisance webpage.

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