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From 1 April 2017, residents in all areas of Swindon Borough have been in a parished area.

The Council decided in November 2016 to create four new parishes in Swindon, meaning that 64,000 properties are now in a parished area for the first time. Parish councils were already well-established in other areas of the Borough and have provided local services for the residents there for many years. 

The four new parishes are:

In addition, the existing parish of Nythe was extended to include Eldene and Liden.

You can find out which parish area you live in by using the postcode checker below:

Parish post code checker

Alternatively, you can view a map of the parish council boundaries below:

You can find out more about parish councils in the following document Parish Council Information (PDF).

The decision to create four new parishes within Swindon Borough followed a year-long Community Governance Review process which involved extensive engagement and formal consultation with residents and parish councils. 

One of the reasons for the review was to enable community empowerment, and allow Swindon Borough Council to devolve powers to neighbourhood level and extend localism. The existing Parish councils are already successfully providing or taking on services including street cleaning, the removal of low-level graffiti and fly-tipping, grounds and play area maintenance and litter bin emptying.

Details about the background to the Council’s decision can be found in the papers from the Council meeting held on 10 November 2016 (Item 6, Appendices 1-5)

Further to the completion of the Community Governance review, Swindon Borough Council made an Order giving effect to the review.

The Order and associated maps are on deposit at:

Swindon Borough Council
Civic Offices
Euclid Street

What is happening now?

In each of the new parishes, a parish council has been formed and parish councillors were elected on Thursday, 4 May 2017. 

The Parish Councils and the Borough Council have largely agreed the services transferring to the parishes. Budgets and precepts were set ahead of the new financial year and arrangements put in place for the services to be provided. This includes the appointment of staff and the letting of contracts.





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